Télescope Paris...

It's high time to start blogging again... 
Before Mexico I went to Paris and after Mexico I went to Geneva... 
I'll do some updates about all these experiences mixed together in order to not swamp everybody 
with my Mexico infatuation and to give credit where credit and attention is due..

First a drink! 
One of the nicest coffee places I have ever visited is situated in the centre of Paris 
and I think it's an absolute must to visit: Téléscope
The people are nice and charming and the coffee tastes absolutely fantastic...
And then I haven't even mentioned the yummy stuff they serve to chew yet. ;)


Chateau Migraine

... or how to enjoy the wine without the headache

When Matthew S Horbund suggested I should give wine a try 
I assumed he meant something like this :) 
So I did. 
I think he likes the result because 
he wrote a very flattering post about it on his blog


Fall in love

... these beautiful ladies in the forrest. 
Their makeup completely melting like chocolate in the faint autumn sun...


The Office

Okay. So i REALLY do not like to sit at a desk and work... that is basically why I also have trouble calling a place in the house my 'office'... but at some point i decided it might not be a bad idea to put all my work and inspiration stuff in one room (or at least part of it :P ) 
To make the feeling less office-y I change the look completely every few days/weeks/... 
Here are some impressions of my latest redecoration results.


iPhoneography - Earlybird Mania

Oh you think you can fly?
Grab a seat and hold that pack of milk please. 
What do you mean, you are sitting front row for a floating catastrophe? 
Just stay out of the wind and you'll be fine!
While other early birds catch a worm, me and miPhone will grab a coffee to go! Up in the air! 
For those who don't believe their eyes: I take your candy and will throw it upward. 
And while changing costume, I will snap it, click it and capture the new form it takes while floating. 
Same goes for my sneakers.


Amsterdam Shop Hopping

The unfulfilled of a city trip's to do and to see list can be countered by making excellent choices.
Amsterdam has many roads but one should always start with Utrechtsestraat. Or no, maybe the nine little streets first. 
Okay, just start in your hotel and work your way up! 

Here's a list of definitely YES:
Friday next
Next door to the Overtoom Marqt, you can have it all!
Maison NL
Even the labrador fits the profile!
De Brakke Grond
I raise my glass to the wonderful artist/photographer Julie Scheurweghs
for planting the city trip seed in my head!
The Frozen Fountain
What seems to be a typical Amsterdam house with a narrow facade, unfolds inside into more and more and more, it seems to never end. Art and design to the third. 
Move over GStar, detailing and the art of the craft, all in one brand.
Men's next door to the studio in Prinsengracht, women's one block to the left in Runstraat. 

And a big bummer was SPRMRKT
I guess expectations were too high, the interior chaos and post nuclear feel too low. Oh well.

My happy thoughts go out to maison NL for their prime picks of this and thats.
Two tops of Rabens Salomer made my day and are still at it!



Today the first part of my washi tape orders arrived and OMG am I happy :) I tried to not get obsessed. I really did. But the matte colours are fantastic and the texture is what really got me: soft and silky paper. I need at least two of each so i can leave one untouched just to look at it :) What I plan on doing with them is still unsure... The first idea was to 'washi' a complete car but that would mean trying to get a factory to sponsor my obsession hahaha! I'd like to though...


Crumpled Paris

The instructions on the packaging are brutal: 'crumple map'! It does save you from folding over and over and twisting and turning and swearing and swagging it upside down. The first crumple produces a big relief : lightweight, waterproof and fool proof, my Crumpled Paris Citymap. And of course now I want more ironed cities to mess about. :)


Green is the new Black

Newness has many colours. What merely looks like a bundle of earthy vitamins to you will be a fresh (re)start for me. My experiment with fresh fruit and vegetables is on. With the aim to stop before all that is mixed gets brown, I will stir cabages up and shake bananas down. And add a slice of avocado to get the cream in my smoothie, that too. Lots to learn and more to enjoy. Energy will follow, I believe so. I heard about such great results among my friends, and will give it a shot. Green smoothies, here I come!


Out Of The Blue

I looove this moment, the colours of the sunset playing gold and glitter on the tides of the sea.


Restaurant DE KAS Amsterdam

You'll find a bit of country side in the city guide.

Amsterdam has many stories, De Kas probably tells hers on a bed of zucchini flowers. All that is presented is made with love. Home grown vegetables, only from the right season. Fish or meat from local farmers, hunters and fishermen.

The beauty is not just in the painting you'll receive on your plate, it is in the bigger picture. The care for good bio products and the step away from the grey woolen socks that used to come with them. That's the past now. Family Stork on their chimney, they agree.



What's in a name? Q & A
Q: How much would I love to have a Marqt in my own city? 
A: Lots! Uptown, downtown and nextdoor neighbourtown!
Q: Which Marqt did I like the most, Overtoom or Rembrandtplein?
A: Let me tell you about Overtoom. 
Located in the former Huize Vondel. Smart move! 
Next door to Friday Next. Excellent!
Now over to Rembrandtplein. What an entrance! 
Lots of giga graphic attention and well balanced empty space... 


I do portraits too!

Let's face it. Crispy crumble is the word. 
This portrait was made for a conceptual project for a University College in Belgium.

Do You Read Me ?!

Do You Read Me – The shop in Berlin
My friend Stephanie – The frequent flyer
Illustrations for her – A present for me – I framed the packaging
South wall of my office – Because I like it hot


I bet you weren't expecting this!

Yes, I do portraits too :)


Chopstick Solution

Whenever I want to treat my parents to a nice dinner I prefer to drag them to a Japanese restaurant. Then the dread and horror starts: chopsticks! Mom and dad try to use these picky points like a knife and fork and because running is no option I always end up asking for traditional utensils. There I am, my red cheeks glowing and diverting everyones attention away from the table, that by now looks like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece!

Anyway: the solution was found! While eating at Lucy Chang this fantastic invention caught my eye: tweezers made of chopsticks + the paper sleeve + a rubber band. Elementary, my dear Watson… It looks fantastic and works like a charm!


Liquid Collision

My flying stuff images basically started out as Instagram posts. It is absolutely fascinating to see what kind of shape an object or liquid gets when it is 'flying'. Clicking at exact the right second most often brings the most spectacular and surprising results. Most of them are shot with iPhone but I started topractise with bigger guns too :) 
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