Chopstick Solution

Whenever I want to treat my parents to a nice dinner I prefer to drag them to a Japanese restaurant. Then the dread and horror starts: chopsticks! Mom and dad try to use these picky points like a knife and fork and because running is no option I always end up asking for traditional utensils. There I am, my red cheeks glowing and diverting everyones attention away from the table, that by now looks like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece!

Anyway: the solution was found! While eating at Lucy Chang this fantastic invention caught my eye: tweezers made of chopsticks + the paper sleeve + a rubber band. Elementary, my dear Watson… It looks fantastic and works like a charm!


  1. Now that I have kids, I want to teach them to use chopsticks properly as well and this is a good challenge and test to start practicing of using a chopstick and this will surely enhance their skills in holding chopstick.


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