Amsterdam Shop Hopping

The unfulfilled of a city trip's to do and to see list can be countered by making excellent choices.
Amsterdam has many roads but one should always start with Utrechtsestraat. Or no, maybe the nine little streets first. 
Okay, just start in your hotel and work your way up! 

Here's a list of definitely YES:
Friday next
Next door to the Overtoom Marqt, you can have it all!
Maison NL
Even the labrador fits the profile!
De Brakke Grond
I raise my glass to the wonderful artist/photographer Julie Scheurweghs
for planting the city trip seed in my head!
The Frozen Fountain
What seems to be a typical Amsterdam house with a narrow facade, unfolds inside into more and more and more, it seems to never end. Art and design to the third. 
Move over GStar, detailing and the art of the craft, all in one brand.
Men's next door to the studio in Prinsengracht, women's one block to the left in Runstraat. 

And a big bummer was SPRMRKT
I guess expectations were too high, the interior chaos and post nuclear feel too low. Oh well.

My happy thoughts go out to maison NL for their prime picks of this and thats.
Two tops of Rabens Salomer made my day and are still at it!

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  1. Very nice composition and I really want to visit all these shops now that I see them through your eyes.

    Keep seeing what others don't.


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