Crumpled Paris

The instructions on the packaging are brutal: 'crumple map'! It does save you from folding over and over and twisting and turning and swearing and swagging it upside down. The first crumple produces a big relief : lightweight, waterproof and fool proof, my Crumpled Paris Citymap. And of course now I want more ironed cities to mess about. :)


  1. I have to get myself one from Lisbon! My map is completely teared apart after only one week and I've got 5 more months to go so this would be nice! I've seen them in a shop here, now if only I could find that shop again... Where's my map?

  2. Hahaha! I sure hope you have found your map by now! I will buy my next ones online I think. They are even slightly cheaper there sometimes too :)
    Have fun in Lisbon!


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