Chateau Migraine

... or how to enjoy the wine without the headache

When Matthew S Horbund suggested I should give wine a try 
I assumed he meant something like this :) 
So I did. 
I think he likes the result because 
he wrote a very flattering post about it on his blog


Fall in love

... these beautiful ladies in the forrest. 
Their makeup completely melting like chocolate in the faint autumn sun...


The Office

Okay. So i REALLY do not like to sit at a desk and work... that is basically why I also have trouble calling a place in the house my 'office'... but at some point i decided it might not be a bad idea to put all my work and inspiration stuff in one room (or at least part of it :P ) 
To make the feeling less office-y I change the look completely every few days/weeks/... 
Here are some impressions of my latest redecoration results.

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