Viktor Objekts & Koffie

every now and then my dear friend Super Steph and I get a sudden urge to change the world at least a little bit. and exactly at those moments we meet to have something other people call a brainstorm but in Steph and Manon Land it is more a brain tornado.

this happy event preferably takes place at a location that is for us yet to discover and conquer. crime scene that day: Viktor, espressobar anex concept gallery in Antwerp. it was quiet. very quiet. before we arrived that is. but still, only one other person came in. word is that it can get super crowded during the weekends though. there is a gallery space downstairs and an artisan shop in the back. definitely worth a visit!

these are my iPhone impressions. the approach you see Stephanie take with her Canon can be checked out here


Done Tagging

Sooooo, what do you do when you get permission to tag? You tag the hell out of it! The old fashioned way. With a spray can :)) Last weekend we attacked the city of Hasselt with a stencil and paint to mark the hotspots for Beyonderground. Hasselt will be turned into Beyonderground Graphic City for a full month (04/04-05/05). It was also very interesting to meet a lot of nice police officers during the process ;-/


This was a Test

... you take all the liquid stuff that is in your fridge and mix it carefully together? I can tell you what happens: magic! Moving bubbles start to form and slowly explode into puffy liquid clouds, thus creating a work of art... This is what happened:

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