When Coffee hits the Keyboard

 Many of us have already had the (un)pleasure of witnessing the collision between the 
comforting hot drink on our desk and the not always waterproof keyboard. 
The accident is usually lethal with no hope left for the keyboard. 
I decided to make the best of a bad situation and turned the whole drama into 
a work of art. Here are the keyboard and coffee crash results I like the most. 
The keyboard did not get hurt during the shoot... It was already dead.


Oh Oh OK Go!

It's only february and i think the coolest thing of the year already might have happened: the OK Go 
concert in Paradiso in Amsterdam. I met the happy makers in the flesh, got signatures; all four of them signed the album, we had a super nice chat, I exchanged Instagram account follows with über nice and very inspiring singer Damian, developed an instant crush on him of course (can you blame me?) and -as planned- bought the t-shirt.

I expected the concert to be amazing because their videos are so original and simply genius and it was indeed a wild, flashy and colourful party with lots confetti and multi-coloured graphic art though we also saw Damian leave the stage to sing intimately in the middle of the audience. 

And then the moment i never even dared to wish for: there they were! By that time my hair was ruined and my smile a bit frozen but they were oh so charming. And patient. And so so cool! I think i said 'thank you' a thousand times! Maybe even more :)

Here are some of the many pictures i took. Straight from the iPhone..
I also did a #flyingstuff series with their album Hungry Ghosts. The images will be in my next blog post.


Light Festival Ghent

The amazing biennial light festival in Ghent was the perfect occasion to test the iPhone 6 in the worst lighting conditions imaginable. and guess what? I'm super happy with the results! It was cold, dark, rainy, snowy and crowded and still oh so very worth it! If you weren't there this year i hope my images can convince you to visit the festival in 2017! Hope to see you there!
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