Oh Oh OK Go!

It's only february and i think the coolest thing of the year already might have happened: the OK Go 
concert in Paradiso in Amsterdam. I met the happy makers in the flesh, got signatures; all four of them signed the album, we had a super nice chat, I exchanged Instagram account follows with über nice and very inspiring singer Damian, developed an instant crush on him of course (can you blame me?) and -as planned- bought the t-shirt.

I expected the concert to be amazing because their videos are so original and simply genius and it was indeed a wild, flashy and colourful party with lots confetti and multi-coloured graphic art though we also saw Damian leave the stage to sing intimately in the middle of the audience. 

And then the moment i never even dared to wish for: there they were! By that time my hair was ruined and my smile a bit frozen but they were oh so charming. And patient. And so so cool! I think i said 'thank you' a thousand times! Maybe even more :)

Here are some of the many pictures i took. Straight from the iPhone..
I also did a #flyingstuff series with their album Hungry Ghosts. The images will be in my next blog post.

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